1970 BMW 2002/2002ti


  • Year of Production: 1968-1975
  • No. Produced: All 2002: 430,000
  • Layout, Gearbox: Front-engined, Rwd, 4M
  • Engine: Inline-4, sohc, 2v/cyl
  • Capacity: 1990 cc
  • Power: 100 hp
  • Torque: 116 lbft
  • Weight:1035 kg
  • Top speed: 106 mph
  • 0-60: 10.4 sec


  • 2002 series was probably the most important model in BMW's history. In the early 60s, although small cars like Isetta, 600 and 700 kept the Munich company alive, its image was mushy and financial outlook was still poor. It was the 2002 series that changed its fate. This little 2-door sedan redefined the image of BMW. It combined powerful engine and agile handling with solid German build quality and practical 4-people accommodation into a reasonably priced package. No one else had ever done that before - yes, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTV might be even more exciting to drive, but it was over expensive and lacked the BMW's reliability and space. From 1966 to 1977, BMW produced 850,000 units of the 2002 series. That's more than 4 times the number of Isetta series and each car enjoyed a much higher profit margin. The car not only brought BMW a big fortune but also established the winning formula for the subsequent 3-Series to follow. Obviously, it was the turning point in BMW's history.

  • The 2002 series started life in 1966 in the form of 1600-2 (the -2 in its name meant 2 doors). It was derived from the contemporary 1600 sedan, with rear doors deleted and wheelbase shortened by 50 mm to make it lighter and more agile to handle. Its 1.6-litre sohc engine produced 85 horsepower and enabled the 940 kg little car to outperform many contemporary sports cars, say, MGB. Its all independent suspensions (with MacPherson struts up front and semi-trailing arm at the rear) and front disc brakes were also unfound in any cars at the same price level, providing superb handling. On the other hand, 1600-2 provided all the practicalities of a sedan - a properly-sized rear seats, superb visibility (thanks to large windows and slim pillars) and big boot. Lastly but not least, it looked cult.