The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for enthusiasts seeking classic BMW vehicles and parts. After years of frustration attempting to locate hard to find parts for our classic BMWs (E9, E20, E30, E36), we decided to create this venue for the greater BMW community. For fun we also included BMW Facts and a picture gallery.
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The vehicles for sale in this section are all by private owners. The Classic BMW does not make any representation in regards to the quality of the cars or the current owners. We simply post your vehicle and facilitate contact between buyer and seller.
Looking for hard to find parts or have usable items in decent shape? Send us a picture and description and we will post your item for no charge. The Classic BMW does not make any representations regarding the quality of the parts on this page. We are simply facilitating communication between two private parties.
We have included interesting and obscure BMW facts in this section. If you have anything to add or know of a particularly interesting link send us a note here.